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One Word – 2017

Three years ago a former student of mine introduced me to the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page, & Dan Britton – you can find it on Amazon.  Basically it shows you how focusing on one word for the year can help simplify your life, your business, your general clarity of the world around you, etc.

In 2015, my One Word was Thanksgiving.  I chose it so that I could focus my year on being grateful and appreciating all the blessings I have.  What One Word does is keep you mindful of that focus.  Well, at least that’s what it has done for me.

In 2016, my One Word was softening.  What is softening? According to this article, it’s the ability to respond more lovingly, more patiently, and more opening.  It is pausing, breathing, reflecting, surrendering, accepting, opening, and revealing.

So now here we are, almost to May 2017, and I have yet to proclaim my One Word for the year.  Until now.  My One Word is joy.  I want to be more mindful of the joy in my life – the joy I receive and learning to accept it graciously and more importantly the joy I create.

Joy comes from God and from within, and it pours out of every cell.  It cannot be contained.

Being joyous is not the same thing as being happy.  Joy comes from God and from within and it pours out of every cell.  It cannot be contained.  Therefore, I am choosing this year to reflect on the joy that surrounds me everyday, the wonder of it all, and to hopefully spread it a little further along the way.


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