Don’t Stop Believin’

2009.  Rachel Berry signing up for New Directions, putting a gold star at the end of her name.  A metaphor, she says.  A metaphor for the life she is going to live: as a somebody, a star.

Scrolling through Netflix, I came upon Glee Season One, Episode One.  It’s been ten years, which just seems crazy to me.  I remember exactly where I was when I first saw it, as a preview for the season yet to come.  I was sitting in my dad’s living room, not really knowing what I was about to watch.  I’d never heard of it before, but immediately I was hooked.  Rachel, Arty, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Finn – we could all relate to them.

And don’t forget the music.  Oh, how Glee made us sing! It introduced a whole new generation to classic hits of the 70’s and 80’s.

It reminded us that we are all losers, all longing to be a part of something special, something successful, something bigger than ourselves. We all want to be stars.

For me, Glee changed the way people watched television.  I remember watching and thinking how lucky we were to be a part of it, this new golden age – lucky to be watching it, experiencing it, belonging to it.  Glee was pure joy – optimistic and open-minded.  It addressed topics in a way we’d never seen before.

We were all Rachel Berry.  We were all Finn Hudson.  We found a home in Glee.  A safe place where we were always welcome.  A place where dreams came true.  A place of our own.  A place that we could believe in

So next time you’re scrolling through Netflix and you get bored, take a little nostalgic tour of William McKinley High.  Stop by the Glee club.  Tell them I said hi.


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