I am Brave. I am Bold. I am Strong.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started writing in a small black journal. I wrote down wishes for my daughter. Sometimes it was full sentences, but mostly it became a list of traits and characteristics – things I wanted her be, ideals I wanted her to embrace, dreams I wanted her to chase, and other small revelations that I just wanted her to know.

I continued writing in it after she was born, and even now I’ll think of something I want to add to it. Most of them were sewn together with a single thread of bravery, boldness, and strength. I want her to be brave enough to be who she is, bold in letting that light shine, and strong not only for herself but for others who need it even more. I want her to be a voice for those that have none, to stand up against injustice, and a friend to those in need. I want these words to be so ingrained in her mind, so integral to who she will become: I am Brave. I am Bold. I am Strong.


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